to live differently: Projetorgone

Projetorgone is a still utopian project of intentional community of life reichienne, to live together in an intentional community of life,  a user-friendliness of every days, the greeting, the freedom to be, the personal development, the natural love, the political and practical ecology,  the polyamour and political sexuality, the nonviolent communication, the decision-making to the consensus, soon in écovillage, écolieu, or elsewhere...

Projetorgone aims at recreating a microclimate of intentional community , where the natural love could again found the bonds between the human ones working to get rid of their essential neuroses and pollution by including/understanding the orgone better, our vital energy.

Projetorgone draws its raison d'être, in the report of an egoistic, sick world, perverted and without future, in the report which any revolutionary project must find and counter the source even neuroses of the system of company that it calls in question. After Wilhelm Reich and David Cooper, we blame the sexual repression generalized, though camouflaged well, applied to a whole population by a system repressive, capitalist, family, school, religious, family which needs the characterial armour of the individuals, and of the Neurosis of the society, to continue its works and trade there.

  Projetorgone works for the blooming of the individual as a whole, including in its dimensions emotional, sexual, spiritual. This blooming appears to us obviously dedicated with the failure in the current context of a company which is based on the dough, sexual morals, the power, the mercantile mercantile, the emotional plague, it to appear, the possessivity, the jealousy, the desire, the castration of living and the standardization to be it,

  To recreate a way of life together where each one can leave its insulation, find its body and its capacity of natural love and contact, take its distances with the emotional plague, build a respectful environment of the life and planet, to find the simplicity of the natural love,  such is the direction of our step.


At the beginning, there was the natural love. I.e. simple, spontaneous, body love initially, made satisfied tenderness, of contact and respect, freedom and exchange, superposition, orgasm and opened spirituality, in a simple world though difficult, without need for substitute products, need to dominate the neighbor, hatred, neurosis, emotional plague, escape ahead, research of the Capacity, in a sufficiently feeder world, autarkical or all could eat and provide for their elementary needs.

Three questions are put

1°) How a healthy model of company can emerge, grow, become a revolutionary liberator and saving force, in a now sick company, made up in near total of individuals neurotics?

2°) Observing the majority of human dream of the American way of life, that the United States represent 5 % of the world population, pollute like four, consume about half of the resources of planet, and that this model cannot be generalized, that will it occur?

3°) How to find the love natural when this neurosis of each one is the extremely contagious result of a family system, social, educational, political  (in the broad sense of the term) of which we saw the base, and who is based on  an emotional plague leading the individuals to wish and build a social neurotic structure.


How to have the Power on beings which like freely?  and what to sell to them in their plenitude?  and how to justify them to fight if they are happy? how to make them work hard and free in silence if they need only love ? How to sell to them bank, interest rates, loans, if they live each day fully and get their goods by the exchanges? 

Then came the religions and the prelates, the policies and the kings, the banks and their currencies, the businessmen and the merchants, morals and their raising the moral standard, the soldiers and their weapons, the teachers and their methods, then closings with the others and fears, the more difficult love and the possessiveness, the jealousies.

This sexual morals that we denounce can be extremely well defended. It can be done discrete, and change face. Here, it will be repression in love at the child and the teenager, there will be to refuse with the woman her autonomous identity, and to refuse with the man his emotional sensitivity. Elsewhere, it will be of drowning the individual, and initially the child, in a perverse climate, where  "to have and appear"  are the new values necessary for the social success.